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railway rollingstock insurance

Rail operators face numerous risks in their day-to-day operations. Each operator has unique insurance needs that demand specialized coverage. The railroad industry is a dynamic and complex one. The risks involved in the ownership and operation of rail rollingstock require highly specialized insurance solutions.

Partnering with us brings peace of mind that your business is in the right hands. We invest time to understand your business and deal with major insurers who are familiar with this type of insurance. Together, we build tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of your business.

What does Railway Rolling Stock Insurance cover?

The insurance covers damages produced on railway rolling stock such as: locomotives, passenger wagons, freight wagons, including tank or mail wagons, and railway intervention/ repair equipment.

The railway rolling stock insurance covers:
• Damage caused by a train accident, collision or derailment.
• Damage caused by a fire or explosion on a railway vehicle.
• Damage caused by natural phenomena or natural disasters
• Damage from unlawful activities (theft, robbery) by a third person

Why you need a Railway Rolling Stock Insurance?

The risks may be many and varied – ranging from train accidents, fire, floods, storms andtheft. The insurance may be designed to protect you against all such risks.

Weigh up the risks, the losses arising from the interruption of your business and the costs required forrepairs or replacements, and think if having an insurance policy in place for the rollingstock you operate would be beneficial for your business.

What can we do for you or your business?

✔ Provide you with free and impartial specialist advice concerning risk management andcover options
✔ Provide you with the right insurance product which best suit your specific needs,helping you to:
✔ Minimize your exposure to risk
✔ Save your time and money
✔ Manage your insurance policies, timely informing you about the relevant aspects
✔ Manage your claims, provide assistance and representation in front of insurancepartners
✔ Give you peace of mind that you are protected for things that matter to you


Insurances Needed

Our team will create a bespoke portfolioto ensure that our client is covered against the consequencesof any loss, accident or damage. These will include some or allof these types of insurance:

• Material Damage (all risks of physical loss or damage to theproperty described in the schedule);
• Business Interruption/Consequential Loss (loss of profits following a loss);
•General Third Party Liability;
• Products Liability;
• Marine Trades Liability;
• Group Personal Accident.

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AVGEN SErvices

Our services are offered to railway operators globally. We can provide thefollowing:

✔ Survey(s) for insurance purposes. Ensuring that all the physical andhuman assets are properly and fully insured;

✔ Risk management (tailoring policies as required);

✔ Negotiating cover and premium terms and conditions

✔ When an accident happens or a loss is suffered, we will Instruct Loss Adjusters and work closely with clients to ensure a smooth, rapid and fair settlement of claims.

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what can avgen do for you?

With our unique range of abilities embracing the broad spectrum of non-life insurance we welcome the opportunity to be of service to your company


Our services are based on technical expertise and robust business knowledge, underpinned by complete understanding of your specific needs. We have access to a large range of insurance providers allowing us to offer bespoke insurance solutions with the best value for you - both in terms of cover and price.


Our customers already know that good preparationand planning are essential for their business. We think holistic and act responsible. We believe that respect and integrity are vital to building and maintaining trust and good long-term relationships.


We have Loss Adjusters and Marine Surveyors at hand to provide their skills if and when required. In London, we have a specialist firm of Solicitors whose practice is in the insurance world (Carter, Perry, Bailey) whom we retain for advice and guidance on insurance legal matters.


Here and at Lloyd’s and the London market. For highly specialized insurance products and / or better premiums we have access to international markets through Lloyd’s syndicates / brokers or first class insurers and reinsures